About Us

About Us


The #1 brand exporting Indian variety non-basmati rice to the USA

Every spoonful of rice you eat carries the unique texture, taste, aroma and quality that makes Deccan the #1 brand exporting Indian variety non-basmati rice to the USA.

A premium rice brand with a strong presence in 4 major world economies – USA, UK, Singapore and Australia, Deccan Rice has proudly embodied ‘the extra-ordinary in staple’ for over 20 years. Operating out of Phoenix, Arizona, with a base in Hyderabad, our deep Indian roots allow us to offer the best in Indian non-basmati rice to consumers all across the globe. Recognized and awarded as a star export house by the government, Deccan Rice primarily exports 5 varieties – the Sona Masoori, the Ponni Boiled, the Ponni Raw, Idly Rice and the Kerala Kuthari Matta.

Indigenously grown authentic Indian rice is our cornerstone. Each rice-grain is carefully perfected by using 100% automated, ultra modern & high-tech rice milling and processing technologies. This is made possible through rice mills that employ Japanese technology and Sortex machines that pack only the finest grain, untouched by human hands. Our processing and packaging ensures that you enjoy the goodness of rice that is of the best grade.

Surprise your near-and-dears with a plate of premium Deccan Rice – the perfect partner for delicious lentils and curries! Grab a packet of your choice of Deccan Rice and enjoy a sumptuous meal today!

Things to Know:

#5 varieties of rice – Sona Masoori, Ponni Raw, Ponni Boiled, Idly Rice and Kerala Matta
#4 continents covered – Strong presence in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America
#3 step quality assurance – Milling, Sorting and Packaging
#2 decades of excellence – Serving customers with diligence, honesty and love
#1 export brand in the US – In non-basmati Indian rice